Barkland Brand, Web

This user interface design for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s (GMRI) new, responsive website running Drupal was developed in close partnership with the client. The project involved a project manager from GMRI, a 3rd party developer who created the Drupal back-end along with customized site features, and an in-house developer of the client who finalized back-end functionality, templates and fine-tuning …


Barkland Web

LabVenture!: Complex Systems is Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s education program which offers Maine’s students an interactive space with touch screen equipped kiosks and handling live lobsters to learn more about the Gulf of Maine ecosystem. I designed this user interface for the online part of the program, which enables students to log in and review the research they have …

Exterior Banners

Barkland Brand, Print

These exterior banners were designed for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and its tenants in the same building. The goal was to display company brands while keeping the design unified. To accomplish this, each banner features a bold, stylized halftone image that represents each company’s field of work. The 2,7 meters (8 feet 10 inches) tall banners are prominent …


Barkland Web

I designed this website user interface for a website running Drupal. Part of the project was designing a new logo for the education program. PowerHouse, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s newest education initiative, engages students directly in math and science learning. Utilizing the rapidly growing network of smart electrical meters in Maine households, PowerHouse enables Maine students and their …

Vital Signs Visual

Barkland Illustration, Print

This illustration was created for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Vital Signs program, which “…unites Maine students, citizen scientists, and species experts in the effort to track and understand invasive species.” The approach of the illustration helps understand this complex and organic community and was adapted into a poster as well as a PowerPoint format.