Barkland Print

Showhat is Finland’s best known drag queen duo who celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2013. I have partnered with them for several years, creating posters, programme pamphlets, calendars, newspaper and magazine ads, postcards, social media images and online banners to advertise their shows. Subtlety is not part of this duo’s vocabulary, and the advertising is designed to match that.

A Sea Change

Barkland Print

A Sea Change is an award-winning documentary film directed by Barbara Ettinger and produced by Niijii Films. I designed the film poster along with a postcard and DVD packaging. Film’s synopsis: Imagine a world without fish. It’s a frightening premise, and it’s happening right now. A Sea Change follows the journey of retired history teacher Sven Huseby on his quest to …

Exterior Banners

Barkland Brand, Print

These exterior banners were designed for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and its tenants in the same building. The goal was to display company brands while keeping the design unified. To accomplish this, each banner features a bold, stylized halftone image that represents each company’s field of work. The 2,7 meters (8 feet 10 inches) tall banners are prominent …

Vital Signs Visual

Barkland Illustration, Print

This illustration was created for the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Vital Signs program, which “…unites Maine students, citizen scientists, and species experts in the effort to track and understand invasive species.” The approach of the illustration helps understand this complex and organic community and was adapted into a poster as well as a PowerPoint format.


Barkland Print

This birthday party event invitation was made for DTM, a night club in Helsinki. Invitation includes a logo designed by me for the night club in 2012.